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Model No.: M-3222
Product Name: optical mouse

More details

Model No.: M-3222
Product Name: optical mouse


Basic parameters
Types of comfortable for business, home machines, economic use, optical mouse
Optical Mouse Engine
Cable connection
The size of an ordinary mouse, rat
Key number 3
Mouse USB/PS/2
3D three-dimensional mouse color green color can be multi-color injection
Technical parameters
800-1600dpi maximum resolution
Effective in preventing ergonomic mouse hand,
Other parameters
System supports Windows98, ME, 2000, 2003 and XP, X64-bit
Other features cable length: about 150cm
Features Practical and beautiful 3D stereo retractable cable mouse painting

First, the mouse features
   1) advanced photovoltaic technology and electricity and good;
   2) cost-effective;
   3) easy to install, plug and play;
   4) responsive;
   5) Ergonomic design, comfortable and nice shape
   6) for left and right hand use
   7) No specific mouse pad, without worry about cleaning the mouse ball
 Specifications: High resolution 800DPI smart power-saving features, wheel operation, 3 key features
 System Requirements Interface: PS / 2, USB, U + P Windows 98/2000/XP, NT4.0, Me, Linux product size.
Second, the mechanical properties
 Switch Operating Force: 60 ± 15GF Key operation force: 80 ± 20GF
  3D Key operation force: 170 ± 30GF (vertical force center mouse button)
 Switch life 3,000,000 times
 Electrical performance
 Applicable models: IBM/PC/AT/XT/386/486/PENTIUM
 Operating system environments: DOS, WIN95/98/2000/ME/XP/NT
 Operating voltage: DC5 ± 5%
 Operating current: ≤ 100MA