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optical mouse

Model No.: M-3263
Product Name: King Laser Mouse

More details

Model No.: M-3263
Product Name: King Laser Mouse


Basic parameters
Types of comfortable for business, home machines, economic use, static Laser Mouse
Optical Mouse Engine
Cable connection
The size of an ordinary mouse, rat
Key number 3
Mouse USB/PS/2
3D three-dimensional mouse color black color can be multi-color injection
Technical parameters
800-1600dpi maximum resolution
Effective in preventing ergonomic mouse hand,
Other parameters
System supports Windows98, ME, 2000, 2003 and XP, X64-bit
Other features cable length: about 150cm
Features Practical and beautiful 3D stereo retractable cable mouse painting


1. The new laser positioning technology, laser irradiation characteristics of its high degree of concentration can make the mouse in any fixed surface, extraordinary work.
2. greatly enhance the localization performance of the mouse.
3.800-1600DPI sensor captures 5.8 megapixels per second picture.
4. per second can track up to 15G of acceleration, is 20 times that of ordinary optical mouse.
5. scanning frequency of 6500 frames per second.
6. LE engine performance, challenges vacant, ride the glass.